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Microsoft Office is the most used software package be it for creating documents using Word, crunching huge amount of data in Excel for calculation or report generation, designing presentations using PowerPoint for board meetings or to pitch in your products in the market. So, it is essential to get familiar with these packages and to know how much it can do to reduce your workload. Effective usage of this package will yield astonishing results in your productivity. Having said that, there are very few people who understand the power of MS Office; but do not use it effectively, which makes them vulnerable for missing dead lines without producing pleasing presentations.

Excel is one of the most frequently used programs in workplace due to its computing capability, Charts & reports. It is used by almost every individual, be it a student who learns to do simple calculation to find out average marks scored or a banker who use it for complex finanical reports in large financial institutions. Excel acts as an excellent data analysis tool with its powerful features like Pivot tables, Importing data from multiple data sources and visualise the data in graphic form with Charts. People who are not aware of these tools will take long time to prepare a report and hence it’s very important for an organization to keep their employees aware of the capabilities available in MS Office.

So, it is more important to impart the knowledge to employees, who work in any of the Office application. To enable this, we provide various customized training modules on these packages with customized course contents suited for various corporates at different levels and requirements aligned with organization needs.

To know more about these courses we provide, please click on the link below or email us @ reachguru@msofficegurus.in / reachviji@msofficegurus.in

MS Office and VBA Courses