Compress Excel Workbooks/Reduce File Size

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It is a question these days if Excel workbook file size could be limited so that it doesn’t increase in MBs.  Most of the users just care about feeding in data/copy pasting them/formatting them. But none really cares to remove unwanted cells/default formatting in every sheet which causes the file size to increase.

Following list of bullets could help you reduce your file size. Try them.

  1. Delete unwanted empty sheets created
  2. Delete unwanted cells in the sheet which might have got validations/formatting/formulae either dragged or copied to other adjacent cells/next sheet.  Best way is to ensure your table alone and hold CTRL+SHIFT+Right Arrow to delete unwanted columns to the right and CTRL+SHIFT+Down Arrow to delete unwanted rows below
  3. Say suppose you have created unwanted macros in the sheet, you may delete and send them (in case of mailing/attaching files) and store all the macros in Personal Macro Workbook (PERSONAL.XLS) in case of storing all your code
  4. Make sure there are no hidden worksheets that you may not want to send.  This could also increase file size, as it in memory even if not loaded.
  5. Just in case there are cropped images, make sure you delete the unwanted cropped areas of the image.  Option under FORMAT PICTURE->ADJUST GROUP->COMPRESS PICTURES->Delete Cropped areas of pictures.  As, cropping doesn’t alter/reduce the file size to the cropped area of the image
  6. Ensure that there are no PASTE SPECIAL as BMP type of images on any sheet. While pasting it from another application like Word, or PPT, try  taking them as Object (Document Object/Worksheet Object etc) or in rare cases as Windows Enhanced Meta File
  7. Save the file in the right version. If you are using 2007, make sure you save the file as xlsx and not in older version unless and until you are sending the file to one who has 2003 to open it.  It increases the file size.
  8. Break unwanted links to files/sheets or the non-working links

Hope this helps.


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