Compress Excel Workbooks/Reduce File Size

It is a question these days if Excel workbook file size could be limited so that it doesn’t increase in MBs.  Most of the users just care about feeding in data/copy pasting them/formatting them. But none really cares to remove unwanted cells/default formatting in every sheet which causes the file size to increase. Following list […]

Multi-book desktop shortcut – Open Workbooks Simultaneously

Say, if you are preparing annual report say, AR.xlsx and there are four quarterly report files named Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 that you need to open and work with all these five files simultaneously. To do so, try to open them once from their individual locations one by one wherever they are saved.  Then, […]

Help about MS Office Help Window


Access – Query Definitions

Query Definitions <> <> “Expired” <= <=100 Between Between 1000 and 5000 Like “S*” Starts with S Not Like “S*” Does not start with S IsNull Empty And Like “P*” and Not Like “*I” Or “Km” or “Mts” or “Cm” In In (“Km”,”Mts”,”Cm”) Date function Between Date () and Date()+30 [] Parameter Query,  Example [Enter […]

Access – Input Mask

Definition of Input Mask 0 Can hold only a digit in that place – Cannot be skipped 9 Can hold only a digit.  Can be skipped # Can hold either Digit, + or – sign or space. If skipped converted to spaces L Can hold letter only.  Cannot be skipped ? Can hold letter.  Can […]

Powerful Keys of PowerPoint Show

HINT: Press F1 during a slide show to see this list of controls. Action Control/Shortcut Advance to the next slide Left click, Spacebar, N, right or down arrows, Enter, or Page Down Return to the previous slide Backspace, P, left or up arrows, or Page Up Go to a slide Type the slide number and […]

Fun with Excel Charts – India Map

The below India map has been created using Excel Chart.

Fun with Excel Charts – Designs

Can you try these in Excel Charts?

Excel VBA – Add apostrophe before a field for Access Import

There are times, you try to import your data to Access but might not end successful due to some alpha numeric values in it. Access determines the type of field by accessing the first few rows of the column. If your data contains numeric values in the first few rows and alphanumeric in the rest […]

Office 2007 – Adding Custom Colors to Color Picker

The new color scheme introduced in Office 2007 looks impressive, but personally I feel,  it does lose a bit of important functionality when it comes to Charts. Excel Charts is an important tool in business areas to represent the facts graphically. Excel 2003 has a 56 color set, which allowed user to customize the color […]

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