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Access – Query Definitions

Query Definitions <> <> “Expired” <= <=100 Between Between 1000 and 5000 Like “S*” Starts with S Not Like “S*” Does not start with S IsNull Empty And Like “P*” and Not Like “*I” Or “Km” or “Mts” or “Cm” In In (“Km”,”Mts”,”Cm”) Date function Between Date () and Date()+30 [] Parameter Query,  Example [Enter […]

Access – Input Mask

Definition of Input Mask 0 Can hold only a digit in that place – Cannot be skipped 9 Can hold only a digit.  Can be skipped # Can hold either Digit, + or – sign or space. If skipped converted to spaces L Can hold letter only.  Cannot be skipped ? Can hold letter.  Can […]