Powerful Keys of PowerPoint Show

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HINT: Press F1 during a slide show to see this list of controls.

Action Control/Shortcut
Advance to the next slide Left click, Spacebar, N, right or down arrows, Enter, or Page Down
Return to the previous slide Backspace, P, left or up arrows, or Page Up
Go to a slide Type the slide number and Enter
Black or unblack the screen B or .
White or unwhite the screen W or ,
Show or hide the arrow pointer A or  =
End slide show Esc, Ctrl + Pause
Erase drawing on-screen E
Go to next slide, if it’s hidden H
Rehearse with new timings T
Rehearse with original timings O
Rehearse with mouse-click advance M
Return to the first slide 1 + Enter or Hold down both mouse buttons for 2 seconds
Change pointer to pen Ctrl + P
Show or hide ink markup Ctrl + M
Change pen to pointer Ctrl + A
Hide pointer and button Ctrl + H
Hide pointer and navigation button always after fifteen seconds of inactivity Ctrl + U
Show pop up menu or previous slide Right mouse click
Go to the first or next hyperlink on a slide Tab
Go to the last or previous link
hyperlink on a slide
Shift + Tab
Perform the “mouse click ” behavior of the selected link Enter while a hyperlink is selected


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