40 Deadly Shortcut Keys in Excel

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Key What it does
Home Beginning of the row
CTRL+Home Beginning of the region
CTRL+End End of the region
Shift + F11 Insert new worksheet
Ctrl+Enter Fill the selected cell with current entry
Ctrl+Delete Delete till end of line
Ctrl+Delete Fill down
Ctrl+R Fill right
Ctrl+F3 Define a name
Shift + F3 Paste a function
Ctrl+; Insert date
Ctrl+: Insert time
Ctrl+’ Copy a formula from above cell
Ctrl+` Toggle between formulas and values
Ctrl+Shift+” Copy a value from above
Alt+’ Display style
Ctrl+Shift+~ General style
Ctrl+Shift+$ Dollar style
Ctrl+Shift+% Percentage style
Ctrl+Shift+# Date style
Ctrl+Shift+@ Time
Ctrl+Shift+& Apply outline border
Ctrl+Shift+_ Remove border
Ctrl+9 Hide row
Ctrl+Shift+9 Unhide row
Ctrl+0 Hide colum
Ctrl+Shift+0 Unhide column
Ctrl+A Formular bar
Ctrl+- Delete selection
Ctrl+Shift++ Insert blank cells
Ctrl+. Move corners to selection
Ctrl+Shift+* Select region
Ctrl+Space Select colum
Shift + Space Select row
F8 and Shift f8 Extend selection
Ctrl+O Select all cells with comments
Ctrl+[ Trace reference
Ctrl+] Trace reference down
Ctrl+Shift+{ Trace all cells
Alt+; Select only visible cells


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